Dr. Dale Peterson, Ph.D.

San Diego, Expert in synthetic ACLs

Dr. Peterson has spent his career in industry developing medical devices. With a talent for forming multidisciplinary teams to commercialize challenging, valuable new medical products, Dale has helped successfully commercialize 18 medical devices including combination and PMA products such as the first clinical cell culture system (Stericell®), the first clinical stem cell isolation system (CellPro’s CePrate®), the first automated food pathogen identification instrument (RiboPrinter®), and BioFiber® products made from a new resorbable polymer.  Although never launched, he worked on three separate corporate programs to develop an ACL replacement – the first made with synthetic fibers, another made from biological tissue, and the third made from a resorbable fiber combined with biological tissue.  The first two were studied clinically while the third went as far as primate studies.

Dr. Peterson holds many patents in a variety of fields including stem cells, new resorbable polymers, protein chemistry, growth factors, medical textiles, diagnostics, cell biology and new biocompatible adhesives.  He has helped start-up four companies (CellPro, Intent, MicroVascular Tissues, DRP Biomedical), three successful joint ventures (Stericell, DePuy-Dupont Orthopedics, Qualicon), and experienced three IPO’s (CellPro, DePuy, Tornier).  Alternating with the start-ups he also worked at DuPont, Boehringer-Mannheim, J&J, the Vertical Group, and Tornier.

Dr. Peterson earned a BS degree in chemical engineering summa cum laude from Brigham Young University and a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Washington.  He now lives with his wife Teri near San Diego where he enjoys his newest hobbies – surfing and 15 grandchildren.

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