Patients need a better option.

To reconstruct a ruptured ACL, a surgeon is limited to using harvested patient tissue (autograft), or cadaver tissue (allograft). The body uses these biologic grafts as scaffolds to remodel into native ACL. Biorez has developed a synthetic scaffold to generate ACL tissue that fully remodels like auto and allograft.

Reliable off-the-shelf implant

Spares pain & morbidity of autograft harvest

Saves 30-40 minutes of OR time

Can't wear out like a prosthetic

How it works:

Our product is implanted using standard surgical techniques to stabilize the knee. Stem cells then wick into the porous scaffold from within the bone marrow to fully populate the device. The cells follow our proprietary structure to reform a tissue bridge connecting the femur and tibia. Over time, and as the patient undergoes physical rehabilitation, the cells receive mechanical signaling to develop mature extracellular matrix, resembling native ligament tissue. The polymer gradually resorbs, transferring all load to the patient’s new tissue.

Our extensive preclinical testing has effectively demonstrated regeneration of mature ligament tissue within our proprietary scaffold.